Starting Fresh

I don’t dread winter.
I actually look forward to it.
I love the long, warm summer days spent  digging, picking, and playing,
but I look forward to the rest that winter brings.

Shorter days and chilly weather means more time  spent snuggled in front of the fireplace,
catching up on inside projects,  and delving into my reading list.
Or in my case, audiobooks. 
Because let’s be real, there’s not a lot of time to sit around and read in this season of my life.

I even love bundling up to trudge out and bust ice in the water buckets….for about two weeks.
Winter is my time to hibernate and recharge.

I’d love to have one more good snow….

We’ve had such a mild winter that I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to fully appreciate the season. 
I love the crisp air, and the silence that comes
when everything is coated in a layer of snow and ice. 
It’s like our drab, dry winter world is turned into Narnia for a few brief days,
and it is so good for my heart.

But, I can’t deny that some part of me is ready for spring.

I feel like I’ve shuffled through the last couple of months in a fog. 
I’ve been out of sorts and unorganized.

I’m ready for a fresh start. 

I can feel the promise of new life just around the corner and
I must declutter.

A couple of weeks ago we rearranged eeevverything in the house,
and I’m tellin’ ya, it made me feel like a new woman. 
I’ve heard the advice “Hold an item in your hand. 
If it brings you joy, keep it.  If it doesn’t, let it go.”

Well, I had a whole lot of junk laying around that was not bringing this ol’ gal any joy.

Goodbye old receipts, goodbye 25 koozies, goodbye random keys that unlock who knows what. 
I know everyone has that one random junk drawer, but we had somehow created three of them. 
It was a job, to say the least.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still problem areas.
Like the office closet that you can’t really open or close.

But then there are glorious areas,
like this little reading nook in my office.

Did I mention this rug?
I’m so in love y’all <3


I’ve added fresh plants all throughout the house

and I can feel them breathing new life into the place.

I’ve started writing in my journal again,
and even managed to squeeze in a little yoga in the mornings.
That cozy new rug makes all the wobbling and sprawling I do a lot more bearable.

I know for many, the changing of the seasons can be a tough transition,
but I’m trying to embrace each one and enjoy the little pleasures they bring.

I don’t have to wait until spring for a fresh start,
I’m creating my own one, simple act at a time.



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