Welcome Spring & Support Your Local Farmer!

It’s official, spring is here!


 With the beginning of a new season
& the celebration of National Agriculture Day this past Wednesday
it’s time for planting to begin!


spinach sprouts


This year, our goal is to provide even more people
with fresh, local, natural produce & eggs.
In order to increase our production & better serve you all
we are excited to offer our first ever CSA program!

What Exactly Is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture,
& it’s a way to provide your local farmer with funds
at the beginning of the season so that we can
focus on planting rather than finances.

What We Offer

CSA members will receive fresh, seasonal produce weekly
from mid May thru the end of September. 
All of our crops are grown using pesticide free, sustainable methods
& picked weekly by our family.



red beet

Each box will include $25 worth of vegetables, berries,
eggs, or herbs & will vary each week
depending on what is in season.
There will be a designated time & location for weekly pick-up.

Seasonal Share (Mid May- End of September—-20 weeks)

$500 per share ($25 weekly value)
2-3 family member size

Monthly Share

$100 per share ($25 weekly value)
2-3 family member size

****There are limited quantities available for each share package & they will no longer be available once filled****

Why Should You Invest In Our CSA?

We believe that it’s important to know where your food comes from.
When you purchase a CSA with Ethridge Family Farm
you are buying a share of our harvest.
We save you a trip to the grocery store &
provide you with local, natural, & delicious produce
fresh from our farm to your table.


What’s The Risk?

There is risk with any form of farming.
No matter how hard we try, we cannot predict the weather or foresee natural disasters.
We can, however, do our best to protect & harvest your food.
When you purchase our non-refundable CSA membership,
you are sharing our rewards as well as our risks.
If, for some reason, a crop doesn’t produce or is damaged,
we will replace that item with other seasonal produce.
However, there are instances in which entire crops are destroyed,
this is the risk that one takes when purchasing a CSA.

How To Purchase

Our CSA shares are limited & sold on a first come basis.
To place your order or request more information
please complete the contact form below &
I will be in touch with you within 24 hours!

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