A Simply Great Weekend

It seems like life is so rushed
that most of my weekends are spent
playing catch-up on everything that
I didn’t get to Monday-Friday.
(piles of unfolded laundry, sink full of dishes)

But last week I really tried to
stay ahead on housework &
I actually got to do some things that
I wanted to over the weekend.

Saturday morning, I headed to the
Local Farmers Market.
My husband and brother-in-law were there bright & early
but I straggled in a little later…….
because the baby needed to sleep in ;-D

Farmers Market 2

Farmers Market Collage It was the first time that we
had been there selling produce because
we usually sell out throughout the week.
It was so much fun to meet new people
& draw inspiration from local growers & artisans.
I love how soulful our little town is!

We packed up around noon &
I took advantage of the deep, car-ride induced sleep
that the baby was in & swung by my parents’ farm
to pick some fresh blackberries.

Blackberry Collage

He snoozed in the car while
I picked just enough for a yummy cobbler
before I got too hot to enjoy
being outside anymore.

On a side note:
Yes my baby was sleeping in the car.

But don’t worry,
I had it cold enough to hang meat in there &
was peeking in every 2 minutes
to make sure he was still breathing
(which I still do every time he takes a nap!)

When I got home
I made a blackberry, peach cobbler
& attempted something I had never even  heard of before….
cucumber jelly.
It actually turned out great!

Peach Cobbler

Cucumber Jelly

Sunday morning I got up and made a
Dutch BabyPancake
that I had pinned on Pinterest years ago &
never gotten around to making.

It was a total hit!
So good that my husband was calling
family members to come try it!
I added fresh blueberries that I bought
at the Farmers Market
& drizzled it with syrup that I had
leftover from yesterday’s cobbler.

Dutch Pancake

But the Betty Crocker-y doesn’t stop there!
I also made a tomato pie for the Sunday dinner
that we have with my husband’s family every week.
I don’t know what got in to me, but I probably
won’t feel like cooking for the rest of the week!

The rest of the evening was spent
lounging by the in-law’s pool
& spending time with family.
It was my idea of a perfect weekend.

Pool pool2

Caitlin (1)


  1. Michelle says:

    It was a great weekend and the jelly was awesome……loved the tomato pie also! The other stuff looked scrumptious!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I second that wonderful weekend. The cucumber jelly was delicious with the cream cheese and cracker…think you should share your recipe with your Blog Family!

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