Simple Thanksgiving Table

Create a simple Thanksgiving table using natural materials. This stress-free, simple Thanksgiving tablescape is a rustic beauty that everyone is sure to remember.

simple thanksgiving table

Holidays Shouldn’t Be Stressful

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of the Thanksgiving season.  Traveling, cooking, hosting, shopping….it’s easy to start feeling like you’re in over your head.  But why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? 

If traffic is terrible, talk to your family, play a road trip game, have a heart-to-heart with God.  Turkey too dry?  Pour some gravy on that gobbler and double up on macaroni.  Guest towels don’t match?  Oh, you mean you’re human.  Gasp!  Don’t even get me started on Black Friday.  Just no.

For lots of us, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only times that most of our family is together throughout the year. So I’m gonna go all cheesy quote on you and say  “You’re too blessed to be stressed.”  Pour a glass of wine, sit down, and really enjoy.

These are the days when memories are made.

This year, my family went a little untraditional and had an Italian themed Thanksgiving a few weeks early.  Meaning we carb-loaded to a chorus of southern men questioning our lack of turkey, rustic dressing, and fixin’s.  Since that’s not the norm for most of you (or for us), I’m flashing back to share last year’s tablescape, when Creek and I grabbed a basket and headed to the woods for natural and FREE décor.

I started by recruiting my Daddy to build a table from reclaimed barn doors that he had salvaged.  It’s rough and aged and perfectly rustic.  Did I mention that it’s 17 feet long.  

Yeah, we have a big family.

rustic reclaimed barn wood table with thanksgiving decor

Decorating With Natural Materials

I used local pumpkins and squash for the centerpieces, snagged some Leyland Cypress boughs from Mama & Daddy’s backyard, and sprinkled in some leaves, pinecones, acorns turkey feathers, and antlers.  There’s no perfect way to do this.  It was just pretty dishes and a hodge-podge of all the treasures me and my little helper found on our nature walk.

turkey feathers acorns and leaves as natural thanksgiving table decor
pinecones acorns fallen leaves and antlers on a burlap table runner create simple rustic fall decor
fall leaves and pumpkins stacked to create rustic autumn decor
woman creating rustic outdoor thanksgiving table decor

Décor doesn’t have to be expensive and perfect.
Rustic and natural foraged treasures is perfect for this gal.

How are you slowing down and savoring your Thanksgiving season?


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