Nursery Reveal

 I know, I kind of tricked you with the title.

No, I’m not pregnant.

But when I started writing this post, my toddler was a newborn.



We are still figuring out this whole smiling thing….


I know, I’m kind of a procrastinator.  

I get the important stuff done. My child is never hungry & my house only looks like a bomb went off 75% of the time.  But sometimes the extra stuff gets pushed to the back burner.

Like this post about my boy’s nursery.  

Is it still considered a nursery if he’s 2?

We’re gonna say that it is.

I think that should probably be my first decorating tip: create a space that can transition with your child.  

When I started daydreaming about this room, I knew that I wanted a space that would be comforting for my newborn, but not be so primary that he would quickly outgrow it. 

I started with a neutral, gray-blue paint color…..which I can’t remember the name of, but it’s pretty similar to this.


Then I gathered the furniture. 

My aunt passed her daughter’s crib down to us, which has since been converted into a toddler bed.  Truth is, the boy has never actually slept a night in this bed.  



It turns out we would rather have him snuggled up with us.  So we usually just pile pillows up on floor, & let him jump off of it.  

It a versatile piece of furniture.

I had all intentions of doing a barn wood accent wall over the crib, but thought that rough, splintery wood wouldn’t be a good idea to put in a baby’s room.  So I bought barn wood wallpaper….which is still under his bed.  

I told you I’m a procrastinator!   

Speaking of under the bed, I chose to use a neutral burlap table runner instead of a bed skirt because I couldn’t find one that I liked & didn’t want to sew one.  This way it was already trimmed, I just tucked it in under the mattress.

The curtains were purchased from Target on clearance.  I couldn’t find a curtain rod that I liked, so we used a crepe myrtle branch from the grove beside our house (they come in handy for lots of my projects).  We mounted a set of antlers that we had from a deer Dustin killed to the wall & the branch fit perfectly in the tines!



For his dresser, I used the base of a china hutch that we had in our dining room before we moved into a smaller house & had no room for it.


Don’t mind that missing knob, it’s on my to-do list.

It’s perfect for storing everything from blankets to diapers to cute little socks.  

I just love little baby socks.

Ok, back to the room….

One of my favorite baby shower gifts was this amazingly comfortable glider chair & footrest.  I was pretty nervous about registering for a cream colored chair, but I applied Scotchgard when we first got it & it has stayed pretty fresh.


I’ve spent many hours in this chair- staring into the perfect face of my sleeping baby, reading stories, rocking him when he was sick, & sleeping myself during those early days of crazy hours & no rest.  

This chair has served us well.

Another one of my favorite things about this room is the gallery wall we created. 


In the center is a graphic that my cousin designed of Creek’s name.

DSC_0015 edit


To the left of it is the canvas we used as a sign-in for Creek’s baby shower.  Everyone wrote his name in different colors & added little doodles.  I loved how it turned out & we had a great time guessing who each one belonged to.


To the right of center is a piece that I painted.  It’s one of my favorite quotes & so perfectly describes this wild child I am raising.



For all 4 corners of the gallery wall, I found an old, yellowed copy of black beauty at a thrift store & tore out pages.  I then found 4 images that I liked online & printed them straight onto the page.  




When Creek was little he loved to laugh & coo at the little bunny over his changing table.


The images above & below center were prints that I found at an antique store for $2 a piece!



On another wall we hung Creek’s first fish.  Dustin had it mounted & it is the cutest, tiniest little thing.  

Don’t let the picture fool ya, it’s so small it fits in the palm of my hand.


The last feature we added was something every little boy needs….a gun rack!


Ok, maybe it’s not on every nursery must-have list, but it belonged to my husband’s grandfather & it was his little project to restore it for our son.  I added a canvas back & letters that my mother-in-law painted for our baby shower.  


I love that we were able to take something with such sentimental value & use it for extra storage.

We also use baskets to store toys out of sight in the closet.

You know, when they aren’t all over the floor.


Because let’s just be honest….this is what the room really looks like.  

It is a little boy’s room after all. 

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