How Does This Blog Thing Work Anyway?

It took me a little while to figure out this whole blog thing.
I started out just following a few that I found interesting
& trying to pinpoint what parts of their site that I liked.
When I started my own blog I wanted to be sure that it was user-friendly.

So, today I want to give you some insight into the layout of my blog
& how you can get the most from your browsing experience!

Let’s start with the home page:
There are several tabs across the top menu bar.
They are subcategories for each topic that I write about.
Of course, some posts won’t fall under a specific category, but they are pretty close.

This tab gives you a little of my background information.
If you hover over this tab, another will drop down titled “Contact Me”.
If you click this it will take you to my contact form.

This tab includes posts related to gardening & growing.
If you hover over this tab, another will drop down titled “Ethridge Family Farm“.
If you click this you can learn about our small farm.

This contains posts related to the best job ever, motherhood!

If you are feeling a little crafty & want to find a good DIY project
this is the tab for you.

Here you can find great recipes,
often including meat & produce harvested on the farm.

Here you can find information about any livestock we have at the time.
So far we have raised meat chickens, but hogs & beef are in our future.

This is where you can find tips about making your house a home,
often on a very small budget!

Homegrown Weddings
I bet you didn’t know that I coordinate weddings.
You know, in my spare time!
Visit this tab to read posts about some of the awesome days
I have had the privilege of helping with.

A huge part of this blog is the idea of using materials that
I already have on hand to create something new & unique.
By clicking this tab you will see some of these projects.
If you hover over this tab, another tab will drop down titled “Logs ‘R Us“.
This will take you to the Facebook page of my Dad’s salvage business.

This blog receives several thousand views each month.
If you think that your business or product would appeal to my readers,
advertising space is available.
Click on the “Advertise” tab that drops down to get more information
on this great opportunity to expand your business!

If you are local & would like to purchase farm fresh eggs or produce
click this tab to learn more information.
As I mentioned in the Reclaim section,
I do several projects with salvaged materials.
You can buy some of those pieces here!
There are always new seasonal crafts and products available.

This is where you can follow Homegrown Hopes on
Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest.
You can also see the most recent Instagram photos.

If you don’t have a social media account,
or would just like to be notified when a new blog post is added,
enter your email address into the subscription bar on the right side of the page.

If you have read a post in the past & want to find it again quickly
you can enter a keyword in the search bar underneath
the email subscription box.

Want to see my most viewed posts?
They are easily accessible to you on the right sidebar!
So are my most recent posts.

The last link on the sidebar is the sponsor area.
If you would like to advertise your business,
monthly ads are available.


If you are reading a post
& think you would like to save the information,
just scroll to the bottom of that particular post &
you have the option to share it on:
Facebook, Pinterest, & Google +.
You can also email or print it.
This is especially great for recipes & tutorials!

You can also Pin a post by hovering the mouse
over a photo in the post.
The “Pin It” button will appear in the
top left corner.

I hope this information is helpful to you guys!
I’m always editing Homegrown Hopes to
give you a better experience &
would love your input.
Share in the comment section below!

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