Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

I don’t think it’s any secret that, in my household, we like to grow our own food.
Garlic, tomatoes, beets, peas, strawberries…my garden is bursting with all of their deliciousness.
Even our orchard shows signs of incredible harvests in years to come.

We pour our love and energy into our little piece of earth, but even so,
there are certain things that I just can’t grow in western North Carolina.
Sometimes you just have to rely on the grocery store.

I don’t mind giving the produce from my garden a quick rinse before we gobble it up 
because I know that nothing harmful has touched it.
(Unless you count slugs, because those slimy little buggers love some strawberries.)
I give a little more effort to cleaning our store-bought goods, though.  Even though we buy organic, once you consider how many hands have touched
our food by the time it arrives in the fridge, a good wash is necessary.
This recipe is super simple and all natural.
You know that makes this Mama happy.


Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash 

Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle and give it a good shake before each use.  
You could also pour the ingredients into a bowl to give your fruits and veggies a soak,
I would suggest this more for “tougher” fruits or veggies such as apples rather than strawberries,
which can break down and get soft if they soak for long.

This blend not only cleans your fruits and vegetables,
the On Guard protective blend also gives natural support to your immune system!




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