My Why

I always knew that I wanted to be a mother.
I just never quite understood the full weight of it until I held Creek in my arms for the first time
and had the overwhelming sense that this little human knew me.
When his eyes met mine, there was understanding.
We were connected in a way I never could have imagined.
The twelve weeks that I took for maternity leave were the best (and most tiring) of my life.
I had never felt more in tune.
My home was in order, I had time to enjoy things like cooking and creating
(I actually created my other child, this blog, during that time),
I spent quality, unrushed time with my baby.
I felt balanced.
I dreaded returning to work to the point that I was ill.
Not because I disliked my job, I loved it.
I felt such dread at the thought of leaving Creek
that I felt like my chest was caving in on that morning drive.
Dramatic, I know, but it’s true.
For some, working outside of the home is a priority, and I respect that!
It is just most certainly not for me.
I just can’t shake the feeling in my gut that there has to be more than this. 
More than getting up at the butt crack of dawn to rush around
and leave a messy house and my sleeping boy.
Then fly through traffic while adding items to mental lists in my head of things that I have to do, usually leaving no time for things that I want to do.
I understand that life is hectic and, as adults,
we have responsibilities and obligations that are required of us.
But there has to be more.
I think Dolly said it best:
That is my why.
That’s why I spend my spare time holding classes and making phone calls.
That’s why I reach out to people day after day sharing
the love that I have for doTERRA and our products.
That’s why I sacrifice some of my precious time with Creek.
I see the bigger picture.
I see how this company and our products change lives.
I see the relief that people have when oils work for them,
and the passion that is sparked to share with others.
There’s a reason why you’ve heard of doTERRA,
and a reason why this company is growing so rapidly.
Our products work and our lives are changed by them.
I know that my life has been changed,
and I am well on my way to my biggest goal of working from home.
This is a real business with endless possibilities
if you are willing to put in the time and effort.
Think about your “why”.
If you’re ready to make it real, I’m ready to help you.
I have two very unique leadership positions available,
and would love to find driven, committed individuals to fill them
and add to my amazing team.
Fill out the contact form below for more info
and to learn how you can work with me.
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