Watering Window Box Planters: My Secret Trick

Watering window box planters can become a daily chore in the dry summer months. I’m sharing my secret for skipping a couple days of watering without killing your plants and losing all of their charm and curb appeal!

window box planter with creeping Jenny and asparagus fern

Window Box Planters Add So Much Charm

For years I’ve dreamed of having beautiful, luscious window box planters brimming with color and dripping with creeping Jenny and sweet potato vines. I think they bring so much cottage charm and add instant curb appeal. Last year I finally convinced Dustin to let me hang planters because I found these nifty clips for vinyl siding.

I was so excited to fill my planters! They looked amazing…for about a week. Then they shriveled up and died. I really did water them, but I noticed that every bit of it was running right out of the bottom and into the dirt. I killed two more rounds of plants last year before I wised up this spring and added one super simple and cheap item under the soil that was a total game changer.

My Secret for Retaining Moisture


You read that right. Plain old baby diapers! They prevent all of the water from running straight out the bottom of your window planters, and allow the plants to absorb the water more slowly over time.

It was so simple to add them to my planters, and I’ve been really pleased with the results.

Check out my first ever video tutorial (and give me some grace). This was definitely a learning experience, so surely to goodness the videos will improve over time!


  1. Jessica Howells says:

    Beautiful, and a good idea! I’ve used plastic trash bags to line my hayrack window boxes, and they last a long time and help with water retention also. I may use this idea on my mom’s window boxes, as she can’t water them very frequently, and lives in Charlotte, where it gets very hot.

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