Homemade Pasta-Only Two Ingredients, Y’all!

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I love a good pasta dish. 
There’s nothing more comforting than a big,
steaming bowl of carbohydrates noodles on a chilly day
(or a warm day, or any day that ends in “y”).

I love making homemade sauces with herbs and veggies from my garden,
but for some reason I thought that homemade pasta
was out of my realm of cooking abilities.
Or maybe it was that I thought it would be a difficult & tedious process.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I guess I felt that way because I never actually took the time
to look up a recipe for homemade pasta.
Well, you would be amazed at some of the recipes I’ve searched for
since we started this little journey to sustainability,
and homemade pasta might be one of the simplest foods to make from scratch.
Can you say two ingredients??

Homemade Pasta


  • 2 cups organic flour – I usually do a mixture of all purpose and whole wheat,  but all purpose is the most similar to the store bought pastas most of us are used to
  • 3-4 eggs – depending on what size your hens give you 🙂
  • *optional* 1tbsp of herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, parsley), fresh or dried


3 ingredients

Step One:

Find a clean counter or cutting board and pile your flour up with a well in the center. 
Or as I like to call it, volcano form. 
Yes, that is now a culinary term.


Step Two:

Place the eggs in the center of your volcano.  
You can see that I had a little eruption, just go with it.

flour and eggs

At this point you can add any herbs or seasonings that you want to flavor the pasta.  
I added basil that I harvested from my garden last summer and dried.


Step Three:

Use your fingers to mix the eggs and flour together,
starting from the center and working your way out. 
If it seems dry you can add a little water, but you want it to be a little sticky.


dough ball

Step Four:

Roll the dough out and slice it. 
If you’re really fancy you might have a pasta machine
(I just got this one for my birthday and love it!),
but you can use a rolling pin and pizza cutter for this step if you don’t.


rolling dough

Or, if you’re like me the first time I made homemade pasta,
and didn’t have a pasta machine or a rolling pin,
just whip out an empty (clean) wine bottle and work the dough that way. 

redneck rolling pin

Don’t judge, sometimes this whole self-reliant thing means that you have to get creative….
and wine pairs great with pasta anyway so win, win!

Of course I usually have little hands “helping” me while I cook,
and this is the perfect simple recipe to get kids involved because you can’t go wrong letting them roll out some dough.


 Have you ever made homemade pasta?
This is the perfect time to start!
Share your experience in the comments section below.


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