Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner +Immune Defense

homemade all-purpose cleaner

I don’t know how it happens.
One minute, my kitchen is perfectly clean.  
The counters are clear, the faucet sparkles,
there are little birds singing chipper tunes on my windowsill. 

kitchen window

Then I leave the room for .352 seconds,
and some supernatural force (also known as a toddler)
sweeps thru with a peanut butter, snot, and fingerprint monsoon
that leaves the place looking like a war zone.


 Now, I have a couple of options at this point:

  1.  Simultaneously cry and scream about the mess and how I’m the only one who will clean it, while sneaking spoonfuls of ice cream when no one’s looking, because ice cream makes everything better.
  2. Take a breath, remind myself that he’s only little once, and get to scrubbin’….while sneaking ice cream.

Enter the amazingly versatile, all natural, super simple,
all-purpose cleaning spray that smells amazing and costs pennies to make.
Did I mention there are not harsh chemicals?!
Yeah, it’s all that.
Unicorns not included.


1 cup water

1 cup white vinegar

10-15 drops On Guard essential oil
You could also use Lemon essential oil
(contact me to learn more about essential oils)

on guard ingredients-edit
on guard
On Guard is a blend of wild orange peel, cinnamon bark/leaf, clove bud,
eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf/flower essential oils. 
This combination offers natural and effective protection against
environmental and seasonal threats to the immune system. 
Plus, it smells amazing!

Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle and gently shake to combine.

We use this spray for everything.
Counter tops, sinks, toilets, tub, spot cleaning floors,
disinfecting door knobs & toys.
It really does it all, and I only have to store one bottle.
Less clutter=less crazy, and this toddler Mama has about all the crazy I can handle!


Have you ever made your own natural cleaning products?
Share our tips and recipes in the comments section below!



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