Homegrown Happenings

The past week held a few milestones for my little family.

The Hubs & I celebrated 3 years of marriage

(he wasn’t always so bearded)

Creek turned 6 months old


and we went on our first beach trip with baby

beach baby

…..it’s been a whirlwind to put it lightly.

So I hope you understand that blogging has fallen somewhere
at the bottom of my pile of things to do.
But since we just buckled in for our 6 hour drive home (shoot me),
I thought I would catch you all up on the happenings around the Ethridge House.

The meat chickens have grown quickly & some are ready to eat.
We the boys plan to process the roosters tomorrow & the hens next weekend.
I have only had to help out with feeding & moving the coops a couple of times,
but that was enough.
I’m excited to have fresh, pesticide free meat that I raised in my own backyard
but moving the coops daily has been a pain in the rear….for Dustin 😉

We bought 8 more laying hens.
This brings us up to 14: 6 Delewares & 8 Golden Comets.
So far the original 6 are earning their keep, but the new ladies aren’t laying yet.
Hopefully once they get comfortable in their new home they will
relax & start giving us some eggs!
…..and if you’re doing the math that’s 64 chickens total including the meat birds
(surprisingly, you can still drive by our little farm & not singe your nose hairs!)

chicken work

The garden is starting to produce!!!
We have been picking kale a couple of times a week & are selling it faster than it’s growing.
Dustin gets rid of it so quickly I have to put in an order to keep some for ourselves!
I’m definitely not complaining though.

 >Kale is $3/grocery bag if you’re interested<

Mama started a new schedule!
Instead of 8-5, I am on a trial run for 7a-3:30p at work.
So far it’s much better.
I am most productive in the morning
plus I still feel like I have time for a life in the evenings.
I would still much rather be a stay-at-home Mama,
but for now I will take what I can get.

We are now somewhere between Savannah & home
and the baby has been asleep the entire ride.
I’m hoping this doesn’t mean he will be up all night
because the bags under this Mama’s eyes say she needs some beauty rest!!

Talk to you all soon! 🙂

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