FREE Herb Drying Rack In 15 Minutes!

As my summer garden is fizzling out,
I’m scrambling to preserve everything I can.
One thing that I usually forget is my herbs.
They are so easy to preserve & store!

I’ve been wanting some sort of drying rack
for a while now so, you know me, I set out to make one!
It was actually really simple
once I figured out what I wanted.

I’m lucky enough to have a crepe myrtle grove
beside my house which provides me with 
branches for all of my crafty needs 🙂

crepe myrtle

I decided to put it over my kitchen sink
so that it would be out of the way
& also to fill in the lack of curtain
over my window. 

I had planned to suspend it from the ceiling,
but decided it would be much easier to
just sit it on top of the cabinets.


  • branches
  • twine
  • trimmers
  • measuring tape 



  1. I measured the space, then added a foot for 6 inches of overhang on each side (12 extra inches total)
  2. Cut 2 large branches to size
  3. Cut several smaller branches as “rungs”- I did 5
  4. Use twine to attach the rungs to the rails
  5. Put the rack in place and tie the herbs on upside down with twine
    herb rack


This was such a simple project
& once I gathered all of my materials
it only took about 15 minutes
from start to finish. 

If you don’t want to put it on your cabinets
you could easily prop it against a wall
& get the same results.
That really isn’t an option for me here in toddler-land!

Once the herbs are dry you can either 
leave them hanging or store them in jars.

Have you tried drying herbs?
Share in the comments section below!

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