When Hand Washing Just Isn’t Enough!

I have a confession to make……

I am a huge germaphobe.

Not your average keep my house clean,
wash my hands germaphobe.
A borderline obsessive,
religiously hand-sanitizing,
don’t touch my baby

Ever since I completed nursing school
(long story short: not the job for me right now)
I have been ruined.
Now, add a new baby to the mix & you can imagine,
it’s a bit overwhelming.

While he was tiny I just asked people to please wash their hands,
but now that he is trying to crawl & using his walker (then chewing on his toes)
I am becoming obsessed with clean floors.
I just imagine shoes wandering the aisles of Walmart
then trekking through my house……my skin is crawling.

I could sweep & mop every day
but it’s impossible to have clean floors if you wear shoes in the house.
So I had to come up with a polite way to ask people to take their shoes off
before they come in the door.

Enter my favorite place to waste time find inspiration
I found a couple of different sayings that I liked
but decided on



I used reclaimed barn wood from Logs ‘R Us
& painted it during my free time (ha! what is that??).
Needless to say it took me over a month to complete,
but I love how it looks by my door
& how it it saves my floor!!

What are some tactful ways that y’all have asked people to respect your germaphobe/cleanly tendencies??

Caitlin (1)


  1. lori miller says:

    Love this!!! Much nicer than my yelling at the top of my lungs STOP WEARING YOUR STUPID SHOES IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

  2. Zach says:

    Adelei is very quick to tell people to take their shoes off. But then we let the dog and cat in and out so in terms of germs it is probably pointless. However there is a lot of evidence that the more they are exposed to when they are younger the stronger their immune system is when they are older. Also reduced allergies. This is how we convince ourselves we are actually doing them a favor by letting them “help” in the garden.

    • Caitlin says:

      Well we let Creek “help” in the garden too, and he likes to play in the dirt so I guess we are helping him too??? Yeah, we’ll go with immune boosting 🙂

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