Our First Child

If you follow me on social media,
then you know that we lost our dog this week.
It seems like our entire county banned together
to help us find him.

Luckily, he decided to come back home!
We were so happy to have him back
that we fed him a steak dinner!

Since we are so grateful to have him home
and have a rekindled appreciation for our boy,
I thought I would tell you all about our first child:


 He was the first birthday present
I ever gave the man who would
someday be my husband.

baby Cletus

cletus guitar

cletus pup


first family photo

Our first family photo

He was in our wedding.
(& jumped in the pond just before the ceremony)

Cletus wedding
He has moved all over the state with us.
He was my alarm & protector
all of the times that my husband worked nights.
He was my company when I was on bed rest.
He was there the day we brought our
human child home & watches him like a hawk.

He loves to swim, play fetch,
ride in the truck & pee on my tires.

muddy cletus

I don’t know what we would do
without this sweet boy in our lives.

pecan cletus

Tell me about your furbabies!
Share in the comments section below!

Caitlin (1)


  1. Kelly says:

    Letting the cart boys drive as fast as possible with cletus in tow to try to get him dried off in time for the wedding. lols. Totally makes me cheese every time i think about it.

  2. Linda Justice says:

    This is the sweetest story. So glad you found Cletus. He is a beautiful dog. He makes your beautiful family complete.

  3. Buddy Armour says:

    I had to go to High Point that day and Janice had to go see her mother during lunch, and so we left Holly outside. She wears a shock collar, so we figured she would be OK.I got home shortly before 5:00 PM. No Holly. I turned off the collar signal so she would not be shocked trying to come back home. We searched everywhere and slept very little. Her picture was posted on Facebook, at the pound, as many places as we could think. Thirty-eight hours later, she literally knocked on the front door. God’s hand was in her safe return. No doubt about it.

  4. Grandma says:

    Don’t have a fur baby myself, but sure do love the ones my children have, so I guess I have fur grand babies, ha, but I am ecstatic that Cletus made his way back home. Love that dog!

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