These Are A Few of My Favorite Things….

With a baby, farm, full-time job.  & never ending housework,
it can be almost impossible to find “me” time.
I try to steal moments throughout the week
to enjoy little things that just make me happy.
Here are a few things that made last week
better for me:

1.  Divergent


I know I’m a little behind, but with a baby
I haven’t really had time for the luxuries in life.
Reading is a major one for me &
it felt so good to escape into another world for a little while….
even if it is a crazy, futuristic, brutal world.

This book made me want to go jump off a moving train & zip line off a skyscraper!
Ok, not really, because I have such a fear of heights that
I hesitate stepping onto an escalator going down.
(Don’t judge, I tripped once & have been opting for stairs ever since.  We’ll say it’s for the exercise!)

2.  Shellac Hack

Another little luxury that I don’t get to partake in nearly as much as I’d like.
It sounds stupid, but somehow having pretty nails just makes me feel “put together”.
I really can’t justify spending money to have professional manicures all the time
because they never last since I work at a barn
& wash my hands 100 times a day (germaphobe remember??).

I have seen the shellac manicures that are supposed to last longer,
but good gosh, I’m not spending a week’s worth of grocery money on my nails y’all!!
So after doing a little research, I found this awesome trick.
It really lasted & looked totally professional!

*I left out the Hard As Wraps & they still turned out great*

3.  Dreamcatchers

I have a big, huge, major project on my hands at the moment.
A boho wedding!
I’m so excited to be planning this whimsical little shindig
& have been getting crafty lately with the decor.

One thing that the bride loves is dreamcatchers.
In order to incorporate them, I have made some dreamcatcher wreaths.
I think they turned out pretty awesome myself 😉

Dreamcatcher Wreath

4.  Okra

Okra is a favorite southern staple
& with our garden producing an abundance of it lately,
we have been getting creative.

>sauteed with tomatoes
>added to stirfry

I love it in all forms!

5.  The Many Faces of Creek!

Obviously I saved the best for last!
This little man makes every minute of my day better.
Since he is getting older,
-9 months! (tear)-
his personality is really coming out.
I don’t know where he comes up with some of these looks!!

Creek Faces

What are some ways that you enjoy “me” time throughout the week??
Share in the Comment section below!

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