Essential Oils

Essential oils harness the healing power of plants, offering us natural options that elevate our health and our homes.

Essential Oils Are Not A Fad

Does it seem like everyone and their brother is talking about essential oils these days?

Have you noticed that more and more people are turning, or should I say REturning, to natural wellness solutions?

Natural remedies are not a recent fad.

Our ancestors knew how to use the plants that God gave us to manage their ailments and protect their bodies.

“And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.”

Mark 6:13

Harnessing Nature’s Medicine

Plants were created with the ability to protect and heal themselves. Their bark, flowers, leaves, stems, fruits, and flowers all contain properties that, when harnessed through distillation, can offer the same benefits to our bodies.

When I was brand new to the world of essential oils, I really only credited them with the ability to impact minor health issues. A scraped knee, restless sleep, low energy. Of course I use oils for these.

But there are also oils for the serious things.

The things that impacts lives and families.  

flowering basil plant

Essential Oils Can Help You

  • Keep yourself and your family healthy but supporting your body’s immune response in functioning the way it was made to. So that you don’t have to miss out on work, activities, memories, and life.
  • Decrease your toxic load.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Get real, deep, restful sleep that recharges your body, mind, and soul.
  • Have simple remedies that give you peace of mind.

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    Become the Healer in Your Home

    No one is more invested in the health and wellbeing of your family than you are. It is up to us as the gatekeepers of our homes. To choose the purest, safest, most effective tools to care for our families. To find solutions that are as unique and personalized as our health issues. Mamas, you’ve found those tools here.

    I’ve helped thousands learn how to advocate for themselves. To take charge of their health. To make educated decisions about the products that they allow into their homes and their bodies. I’ve helped them to become empowered to understand and utilize natural solutions for their families.

    mother applying essential oils to children's feet

    Healthcare is Not One Size Fits All

    I believe that we as a society have become much too reliant on modern remedies, when there are natural, safe, effective solutions available that have been used my mankind for thousands of years.

    Don’t get me wrong. There are situations that require medical treatment, and I am so thankful and blessed to have those options. I do, however, feel that many visits to the doctor for minor issues can be avoided when we have the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about natural solutions.

    • Solutions that don’t become resistant.
    • That don’t have mile-long list of side-effects.
    • Solutions with ingredients we can pronounce.
    • That we can use for our children without feeling guilty.

    There are oils that will change your world, and I want to share them with you, because I truly believe there is a better way to heal our families, and it’s right under our noses.

    Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

    I could go on and on about essential oils. 

    Their benefits, the amazing company I work for, the impact we are having all over the world. But I would rather you see for yourself. If you are ready to take control of your health, start a new business venture, begin your journey to natural wellness, or to add the final piece to your puzzle, I would love to talk with you.  

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