Green Eggs Are My Jam!

Ok guys, sorry for the bad Dr. Seuss reference,
I just couldn’t help myself!
But seriously, I’m all about some
“green eggs” right now.

Our winter garden is producing lots of greens:
collards, kale, mustard.
So I am trying to use them any way I can
while they are fresh & delicious!



We have had them with every meal, including breakfast!
Sunday morning I took a chilly refreshing
walk to the garden to pick kale
& collect fresh eggs.

I cleaned everything,
chopped up the greens,
& sauteed them in a little coconut oil.

Then I just added my eggs,
a pinch of salt & pepper,
& some shredded cheese.
I scrambled it all & served it up!

green eggs

The hubby was a little skeptical at first
but he ended up really liking it.
You can’t beat that for a quick
& super healthy breakfast.

Plus, how cool is it that I can walk in my backyard
& have everything I need for a meal?!?!

Since it’s that time of year,
what are some ways that you guys are enjoying the green stuff??
Share in the comment section below!

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