Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts

4 days.
Only 4 days until Christmas!
Let’s just let that sink in….
where in the world did the year month go?!

Maybe there are some of you who started buying gifts months in advance.
Maybe you already have everything wrapped and under the tree.
Maybe your Christmas cards were sent out right after Thanksgiving
(not yesterday, like some people I know *cough, cough*).

Well, I’m happy for those of you who are ahead of the game, and envious.
And I wish you safe travels on your magical unicorn this Christmas season.

For myself (and everyone else I know),
there are still a few stragglers on the list and a trunk full of gifts to wrap.
So, I’ve decided to put together a list of easy, and inexpensive, last minute gifts.

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts

  • Homemade Goodies

    • Cookies & candies- What a wonderful opportunity to get the your kids or friends involved and make memories!  The women in my husband’s family have one day every December when they get together and bake goodies to put in their gift baskets.  Each person brings a few recipes and they all share their creations. 
    • Preserved goods- My Mama cans a lot of soup, and every year I look forward to getting a big jar of it.  My favorite is her italian chicken and veggie (hint, hint).  You could also do jams, veggies, pickles.  This is one of my favorite gifts.
    • Crafts- This year I made several sugar scrubs and bath soaks using ingredients I had in the pantry…and of course, my precious essential oils.  They are so easy and really look nice.  Who doesn’t want an excuse to soak in the bathtub?

  • Christmas Items

    • Christmas decor has been out on store shelves since mid-summer, so most of it is marked way down.  You could really stock someone’s Christmas decor box for cheap and they would remember your gift every year.  This is a great idea for newlyweds or someone just branching out on their own.  I still have mostly hand-me-down decor and love every piece.

  • Amazon Prime Items

    • If you haven’t joined Amazon Prime yet, I highly suggest it.  It’s less than $100 for an entire year and you get FREE 2-day shipping on most items, exclusive deals,the option to auto-ship pantry staples each month, e-books, and Amazon TV.  Did I mention FREE 2-day shipping?  Yeah, that’s a game changer.  You could order today and still get items for Christmas!  Check out our Homestead Shop for some of my favorite items.
  • Garden Supplies

    • Even though it’s the beginning of winter, I can’t help but look ahead to bountiful gardens and dirty hands!  Most gardening items are on sale since they are out of season, so this is a great way to snag some items on the cheap..
    • Seeds- We have ordered from Seed Savers Exchange for years now and love their products and company mission to preserve and share heirloom seeds.
    • Farmer’s Almanac– We get one every year and use it to predict weather, plan our garden, and entertain ourselves with some of the stories.  These really are neat little books!

I hope this helps!
Let’s knock out our shopping & wrapping so we can kick up our feet and sip some cocoa (awesome recipe here), and enjoy.
Truly enjoy.

Blessings from our family to yours <3

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