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I have met some incredible people since I began this blogging adventure.
I’ve made lifelong friends, connected with kindred spirits,
and been introduced to new ideas and products that have
enriched my life and inspired me in so many ways.

When I first spoke with Debra Shams from Viable Creations, I knew that we were going to click.
She’s a mother, small business owner, an expert in sustainability, and a visionary.
Her company creates beautiful bamboo cooking utensils
using the most sustainable and earth-friendly practices possible.

 From sourcing to packaging, every aspect of their product has been
thoughtfully created with future generations in mind.
I’m so excited that I’ve had the opportunity to pick her brain,
and today I’m sharing her insight and wonderful products with all of you!


Can you give us a little information on how your business came about?

“Viable Creations was created to help bring more awareness to consumers about products they use everyday, and how using earth-friendly household products can make a big impact on sustainability efforts.”

What does sustainability mean to you?

“The definition of sustainability to me is ensuring we have natural resources available for future generations.”

What is the mission at Viable Creations?

“To produce and distribute highly sustainable products that will not deplete our earth’s most precious resources.” 

 What are some ways that you are working to achieve this?

“Our company’s main sustainable practice is to produce high quality products with a long lifecycle, with the intention that they will not need to be replaced often.  By carefully sourcing base materials that don’t involve heavy manufacturing practices, and reducing waste through our packaging, we can reduce strains on the environment.”

Can you tell us more about your products?

“I’m most proud of the selection process for our products. Every item is hand-picked and personally tested for quality and assurance to meet the mission standards of Viable Creations. 

Launching our first product – the 5-Piece Bamboo Wooden Spoon Set – I had tested several options over the course of months of use, and decided on the compiled set that was most useful for a variety of uses.



When it came time to launch our next product – the Bamboo Wooden Cutting and Presentation Boards – the selection process was just as rigorous. I opted for the highest quality, using the End-Grain of the bamboo. This was less course than it’s counter-part, the edge grain, and gave a more esthetically appealing appearance.”


“It is our intention that every item available from Viable Creations provides you a beautiful accent for your home and is also a gift ready piece to share with your friends and family.”


How in the world do you manage the challenges of balancing family and business?

“{Laugh} Balancing is a fine art I think every mother has to master in general. I just added some spice to my “balancing act” by launching a business the same year our family was expanding.  

As a stay at home mom for the last five years, I feel very skilled on how to keep the day-to-day of our house going. The business is a continual learning process.  Although, with one year under my belt of learning the procedures for sourcing materials, production and bringing them to market, the business is more and more fun each day.”

HomeGrown Blog_Baking Together

What do you envision for the future of Viable Creations?

“I would say the overall vision is to offer you, the consumer, reliable products that won’t leave you worrying about the damaging affects to the environment and the future of our children and generations to come.

Currently we are introducing a kitchen line of products sourced from bamboo and will continue to expand in the kitchen sector.  

My goals for 2017 include offering more products for other areas of your home and babies!”

I have 5-piece wooden spoon set and absolutely love them!
The packaging is clean and eco-friendly, and the spoons are beautiful and sturdy.
They are safe to use on everything from cast-iron to non-stick pans,
and the handle is contoured to fit your hand perfectly.
Plus they come with a cute cotton muslin bag for storage or travel.
Perfect for a little dutch oven cooking on your next camping trip!

viable creations BambooUtensilsSetInBag

I’m so inspired by Debra’s mission and so in love with these products,
that I want to offer you an EXLUSIVE coupon code!
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Plus, they qualify for Prime 2-day shipping.  
So if you order today, you can be whipping up
4th of July treats with these babies!


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