DIY Rustic Desk For Less Than $100

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I’m a sucker for a good DIY project, and since my Dad owns a reclaimed wood business I have lots of materials at my disposal.

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I’ve dreamed of a rustic, custom desk for a while now, so my first step was to rummage through our salvage pile.  I needed a desk with a large work space and plenty of storage.  The apple crates that my Dad salvaged from a local apple barn seemed like the perfect solution.  We found 4 crates and stacked them on top of each other 2 high, making columns to use as the base of the desk.

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I knew that I wanted to use a door as the top of the desk.  This beauty was saved from a NC tobacco barn.  My husband cut it to the desired size and I had a glass top made for it.  This $80 was the only real expense we encountered with this project.

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Once we had gathered all of the materials, we (and by we, I mean my husband) lightly sanded all of the wood and stained it to match.  Then began the assembly process.  It was really pretty simple, just screw all the pieces together and put the glass in place.

I absolutely love the outcome!  It’s not only functional with all of the space and storage, but I absolutely love how it looks.  Of course, my favorite part is that we made it almost completely of reclaimed materials!

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Now I can’t wait to get creative in my new work space!  

What does your creative area look like?  Share in the comments section below!

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