Cocktails & Crafts: DIY Fall Centerpieces!

We had a great time last night at
Cocktails & Crafts night!
This month’s craft was a holiday centerpiece
that could be transitioned from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
(gotta love versatility!)

We gossiped, laughed, got crafty,
& sipped on a delicious Thanksgiving sangria.
(It has fruit in it so we are gonna say it’s healthy)

Each person started out with a vase & candle.
Then they got to personalize their centerpiece
with all of the little embellishments.

Fall Centerpieces 1 We had dried corn, pine cones (natural & painted gold),
cranberries, dried orange slices,
dried beans, curly willow branches, cedar trimmings,
jute cord, and birch bark paper.

I loved seeing how each person made their
centerpiece totally unique even though they
all had the same materials available to them.

Fall Centerpiece 5

Fall Centerpiece 2

Fall Centerpiece 3

Fall Centerpiece 4

Fall Centerpiece 7

The cedar trimmings were a huge hit.
Shout out to my bro-in-law for trimming them
& my mother-in-law for bringing them!
(If you’re local & want some to decorate with, we can hook you up)

Fall Centerpiece 6

Look at all of those beautiful
centerpieces to show off during the holidays!
If you are interested in being a part of Cocktails & Craft night
or would like to host one in your home,
let me know & we will book it now!

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