DIY 3 Ingredient Natural Deodorant

You heard right….
Natural deodorant!


One of my goals for the year is
to ditch as many chemicals as possible.
That includes personal hygiene products.

When I became pregnant I decided
that I definitely wanted to breastfeed.
This meant that I would have a precious baby
all up in my armpits every 2 hours for the foreseeable future.


I knew that I definitely did not want
all kinds of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce
right next door to where my lil bit was eating!
Some research (although inconclusive) even suggests a link between
deodorant & diseases such as breast cancer & Alzheimer’s.

So I bought some not-so-cheap,
organic deodorant that promised to be
long lasting and work just as well as the chemically stuff.
Yeah right…..

I don’t know if those post-partum hormones
made me extra stinky or what,
but it was not successful.
So I went without… bueno.

I ended up breaking down & using
my husband’s deodorant,
but what baby wants to smell Old Spice
while they are trying to fill their belly??

I had to find a solution.
So I searched the good old blog world
and found lots of great recipes
for natural deodorant.

The problem was that many called for
ingredients that I didn’t have on hand,
& tracking them down sounded like
too much work for me.

DIY Natural Deodorant

– 1/4 cup baking soda
– 1/4 cup cornstarch
– 6 tbsp coconut oil
8-10 drops essential oils

1.  mix the dry ingredients
2. Add the coconut oil & essential oils & mix with a fork
I used Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils
because I love the fresh scent!
(click here to learn which essential oil brand I use)

4. Place in a glass jar or empty deodorant container & it’s ready!

I especially enjoyed burning my incense
and eating homemade granola while I made this!
Ok, not really 😉
(but only because I was out of granola)

So far I have been using this concoction
for almost 2 weeks and I’m sold!
I have had some hot, sweaty afternoons here at the horse barn,
and I can honestly say that I smell fresh at the end of the day!
Plus, the coconut oil makes my underarms super soft.

What do you think,
would you guys ever be willing to
try natural deodorant??
Share in the comments section below!

I have now been using this recipe for over two years and still love it just as much!


  1. Mandy Nix says:

    I’m definitely trying this. I usually where the natural deos (& ur right so expensive) or just none at all! This sounds like a great solution, thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie shreve says:

    Do you just kind of smear this on? Interested in trying this. I’ve tried the salt block deodorant, but I’ve had mixed results. Today it’s working great, but those hot summer days….not so much.

    • Caitlin says:

      Yes. I bought some empty deodorant containers on amazon and have used those, but sometimes if I’m in a hurry I just put it in a jar and rub it in with my fingers 🙂

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