Dandelions: More Than A Weed + Dandelion Jelly Recipe

It’s that time of year again,
everything is sprouting up….including the weeds!
They used to drive me crazy, until a good friend pointed out
that they are only weeds if they don’t serve a purpose.

So I went about finding a purpose for that weed 
that seems to thrive at my house,

dandelions 2

It turns out that not only are they safe to eat, 
they are actually packed with vitamins.
You can consume not only the green leaves,
but also the roots & flowers.


They are all over our yard & pastures 
so it didn’t take long to gather a bunch 
with help from my best little garden buddy.
It’s a great way to get the kids involved outside!



I tried freezing them at first because I didn’t have time
to mess with them at the moment….not the best idea.
They shriveled up & didn’t look pretty anymore.
So I would suggest using them as soon as you pick them.

After looking up a few ways to prepare them,
I decided my first attempt would be dandelion jelly
using those pretty yellow flowers.
Here is the recipe that I decided to use from Simply Canning.

Dandelion Jelly

I have to say, it is delicious!
It kind of has a honey taste,
which makes me want to try honeysuckle jelly next!

Have y’all ever eaten dandelions?
How were they prepared?
Share in the comments section below!

**I should note, please only pick dandelions from an area that has NOT been sprayed with pesticides!!**

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