Cocktails & Crafts: Pumpkin Party Details & Tutorial

I love a good (easy) craft &
this monogram pumpkin project is just that!

monogram pumpkin

Last night I hosted the first
Cocktails & Crafts night at Salon 105
& we all had a blast
decorating pumpkins & sipping on a warm seasonal toddy!

I had all of the pumpkins painted
& ready to decorate.
We decided to go with black.
So I used a black gloss paint + primer in one spray paint,
then sealed them with a clear gloss spray paint.

Pumpkins Before

They chipped in a few spots
but it was easy to touch them up with a black Sharpie.

Everyone started by tracing the letter
that they chose onto their pumpkin.
I had already printed the letters onto card stock
& cut them out so we just used double sided tape
to stick them on &
used a crayon to trace.

Pumpkin Craft

Once all of the tracing was completed
we removed the letters & started adding thumbtacks!
Some people just decorated the outline of the letter
& some filled them in.

The final step was to add
personalized touches with paint.
I loved seeing how every pumpkin
was unique to the person who created it!

Final Pumpkins

Personalized Pumpkin How-To

1.  Choose a medium to large pumpkin
2.  Paint in whichever color you desire, or leave natural
3.  Seal with a clear gloss spray paint -if you decided to paint it
4.  Trace or free-hand your letter onto the side with most surface area
           If you trace a letter, I suggest using double sided tape to hold it on.
           We used crayons to trace because they wiped right off.
5.  Remove letter 
6.  Insert thumbtacks on the outline or all throughout the letter
7.  Touch up any spots that may have peeled using a black permanent marker
8.  Paint designs on stem or pumpkin if desired
9.  Let dry & enjoy your unique masterpiece!!!

I would love to see how you guys are
getting creative with pumpkin decorating this season.
Share your crafty ideas in the comment section below!

If you are local & are interested in 
participating in Cocktails & Crafts night,
I will be hosting a new project every 3rd Thursday of the month.
It’s a great way to enjoy a girl’s night out 
& unleash your creative side!
Contact Me for more info!


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