Panthers Football & Beer Can Chicken

If you know me, or have followed Homegrown Hopes 
for any amount of time, then you know that we are a football loving family.
Specifically, Panthers football.
Dustin’s & his family have been die hard fans forever.

panthers throwback

circa 1995

We look forward to football season all year long.
It’s a tradition for our family to watch all of the games together.
Everyone goes to Dustin’s aunt & uncle’s house 
and we all bring snacks & sport our Panthers gear.

IMG_1915 edit

It consists of us stuffing our faces, dabbin’, and yelling “Luuuuuke”.

Kuechly jersey edit

So you can imagine how excited we are that
our boys are going to the Super Bowl!
Plans for the celebration started weeks ago.

Well, I love watching football and all, but my favorite part is the food.
For such a small group of people, we usually have a ridiculous spread.
I try to be healthy and bring stuff like kale chips and fruit,
but you can only serve so much rabbit food before the men break down and order pizza.

So to appease the carnivores I have to branch out.
You can’t go wrong with some chili and homemade bread.
Sometimes I even break out dessert.

fireside chili

But nothing says football like chicken and beer.
Since we raise our own meat birds
we have a lot of chicken in the freezer and try a lot of different recipes. 
This is one of our favorites so far.

Beer Can Chicken

I know, not the fanciest name, 
but this chicken is really delicious and juicy and the recipe is super simple.

Dustin is the grill master, so I asked him to share his secrets with y’all today.

Whole chicken
Beer can chicken seasoning
Local beer
Additional seasonings if desired

Step One: 
Heat half of the grill to medium.
Dry the chicken off and rub it with beer can chicken seasoning.
(We decided to use some bacon rub too because, well…..bacon.)

DSC_0282 edit

DSC_0279 edit

Step Two:
Take a big gulp of Farmer Ted.
(Cheers!  Who am I to question his directions 😉 )

DSC_0283 edit

Step Three: 
Add a tablespoon of beer can seasoning to the can of beer 
and poke another hole in the top of the can.

Step Four: 
Place the can of beer upright inside of the chicken’s cavity
and stand the entire bird upright on a pan.

Step Five: 
Place the chicken on the half of the grill that is not on.
Grill for about 2 hours, until the internal temperature is 165 degrees.

Then just carve it up and enjoy!

I had all intentions of getting a final picture for you guys….
but the chicken didn’t last that long around our crowd.
I told you it was good!

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl traditions?
Are you trying out any special recipes Sunday to celebrate the Panthers’ win?
Share in the comments section below!

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