Logs Cabins ‘R Us

I remember going on weekend trips in the mountains when I was growing up and as we wound through the back roads, the skeletons of old barns and cabins that had long been abandoned and forgotten was a common sight.  My Daddy would always say

“Look at that just falling in.  Why would someone let that go to waste?”

After retiring from law enforcement, he decided to do something about all of the architectural gems going to waste in our region.  He and his crew (an old cop buddy and my husband and brother-in-law when he can drag them along) gather any salvageable materials then clean the site.

He then brings the materials home and cleans them, and in the case of cabins, rebuilds them on the farm.

He has lots of great pieces for sale including (but definitely not limited to):

Barn doors
Aged barn wood boards
Entire log cabins
Log mantels
Salvaged antiques

We always try to use recycled materials for our projects around the farm and house because

  1. It is better for Mama Earth
  2. It adds character & each piece is unique
  3. We are broke It is a much more cost-effective option 😉


For more information on the business & materials for sale follow the link below to visit his page.

Logs ‘R Us Reclaimed, Recycled, Reused Barn Wood

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