My 25 Years

Today I thought back to my 16 year old self.
By now, she expected to have everything figured out….

Be blissfully married to the hottest guy in school,
with at least one perfect, blonde hair, blue-eyed baby.
Be finished with college & in the career from which she would retire.
Be living in the dream home where she would raise said beautiful baby
with more perfect, well-behaved siblings
& grow old with that model-esque husband she landed.

Well you little sweet 16 thing you……
I still haven’t finished school, nor do I even know what I want to go to school for.
I definitely have not started my “career”.
That would require actually knowing what I want to be when I grow up!!
We do own a wonderful little home, but it’s not where we plan to stay.
And I started off my 25th birthday getting my taxes done….
hello real world!!

snoopy taxes

This 25 year old most certainly does not
have everything figured out.
I change my mind about where I am going every day,
sometimes multiple times a day.

But I do know that I have the most important
pieces of my life-goal puzzle in place.
This 25 year old did marry her high school crush
& make the cutest baby on the planet.
And on days when I feel like I am running in circles 
& have accomplished nothing,
I know that I have 2 boys at home who make everything better.

boys2 boys

So here is a little quote to remind myself & all of you
that even though we may not feel like we have it all together,
everyone else probably feels the same way.
Be thankful for what you have & where you are!

Be Happy

Caitlin (1)



  1. Lori says:

    Well said sweet girl. Idk why 25 is such a biggie. At 43, I still remember thinking that at 25 I would have it all perfected. … I wasn’t even started by 25. Your way ahead of most of us. Happy 25, enjoy every minute.

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